The System

OnTrack Schools is a tool for managing student behavior. It provides customized tools for recording student behavior and reports for high-level insight at every level of student activity. It’s aimed at filling the gap between what actually occurs in a classroom and what’s severe enough to get entered into a student information system, so parents, teachers, schools, and even districts can effectively and proactively manage student behavior

For Districts

Discover trends within and across school populations, and get better metrics to determine where help is most needed within district schools. Use the tools and reports to create, execute, and monitor district-wide behavior policies.


For Schools

Use historical information to anticipate and proactively respond to student behavior. Create and maintain behavior contracts, and use teacher-level metrics to determine where coaching or assistance is most needed.

For Teachers

Use student-level behavior information to discover behavior trends for students from year to year. Generate reports to provide documentation for parent-teacher conferences. Assign behavioral consequences with minimal classroom downtime.